In the Event of a Claim

What to do if you have a claim:

 General Liability:

  1. Obtain the names, addresses, and phone numbers of the individuals involved.
  2. Obtain a brief description of what occurred
  3. Obtain names and contact information for any witnesses
  4. DO NOT admit fault or claim responsibility. Provide facts based upon what you know to have happened. Cooperate with police or investigating authorities.
  5. As soon as possible contact us (your insurance agent) or your insurance company directly

Property Claim:

  1. Take whatever steps necessary to prevent further damage (i.e. contact fire, police, emergency first responders, etc.) DO NOT put yourself in harms way.
  2. Make as comprehensive a list as possible of all damaged property. DO NOT throw any damaged property out until instructed to do so by your claims adjuster.
  3. As soon as possible contact us (your insurance agent) or your carrier directly to report the claim.

Workers' Compensation:

  1. Make sure the employee receives necessary medical attention as soon as possible. 
  2. Complete the state required reporting form
  3. Contact Us or your work comp carrier to report the claim as soon as possible


  1. Get somewhere safe and call police if necessary
  2. Exchange contact information of all individuals involved. i.e name, address, phone, email, year, make, model, VIN and plate number, insurance company name, policy number, and phone number
  3. Once the above has been obtained, contact us as soon as possible.


  1. Get everyone to Safety
  2. Call Emergency First responders (Police/Fire)
  3. Do what you can to prevent any further damage from occurring, but DO NOT put yourself in harms way.
  4. Preserve any evidence and take photos when it is safe to do so.
  5. Save any receipts for emergency repairs
  6. Contact us or your carrier as soon as possible.  IF needed we can put you in touch with restoration companies to help mitigate damages and restore the property.